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  • NJ Top Doc 2015 Dr. Peter Ferraro Signs on as Expert Speaker with Razorcast™

    Peter Ferraro
    Peter Ferraro


    NJ Top Doc 2015 Dr. Peter Ferraro Signs on as Expert Speaker with Razorcast™

    Chief Clinical Officer of Optimal Wellness and Optimal Executive, Dr. Peter Ferraro was recently a guest speaker and can be heard nationwide via podcast recordings of New York City’s, Razorcast™ studios.

    Saddle Brook, NJ – March 30, 2015 –NJ Top Doc 2015 Dr. Peter Ferraro has recently signed with Razorcast™ studios in New York City. Dr. Ferraro and his staff of Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation will be heard speaking on health related topics via podcast recordings that can be listened to nationwide. Razorcast™ features an interview format of host and industry professionals who are standout leaders in their field.

    Listen to the start of a series of interviews with Dr. Peter Ferraro on Razorcast™ here: http://www.ferrarospine.com/ferraro-spine-program-avoid-back-surgery-podcast/

    Dr. Peter Ferraro is a committed proponent of wellness and he is a founding member of Optimal Wellness. He is the founder and owner of Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation, a multi-specialty wellness facility serving northern NJ and the NY metro area for the past 18 years. He prides himself in creating a facility that incorporates chiropractic care as well as encompassing multiple specialties under one roof. His advanced non-surgical approach to the treatment of many spinal conditions has awarded him numerous awards and accolades, but none better than a high success rate through his self-designed treatment protocol, the “Ferraro Spine Method.”

    Dr. Ferraro has incorporated the Ferraro Functional Fitness facility into his offerings where doctor supervised fitness plans help people facing rehabilitation as well as for those who are seeking a gym facility with highly qualified staff and direction.

    For his dedication, accomplishments and devotion to patient care, NJ Top Docs recognized Dr. Peter Ferraro as a “Top Doctor” for his commitment to excellence in Chiropractic Medicine in 2015 and 2012.

    The interviews produced by New York City’s Razorcast™ studios feature leading professionals from across the country and revolve around trending topics in their field. These unique and informative interviews are distributed via podcasts and transcriptions across major channels and networks. You can learn more about Razorcast™ by visiting: www.razorcast.com.

    You can learn more about Dr. Peter Ferraro and his Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation team by visiting: www.ferrarospine.com