Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd

  • Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd Signs on as Expert Speaker with Razorcast™

    Plano, Texas Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd was recently a guest speaker and can be heard nationwide via podcast recordings of New York City’s Razorcast™ studios.

    K. Andrew ShepherdDr. K. Andrew Shepherd has recently signed with Razorcast™ studios in New York City. Dr. Shepherd of Mountain Health Chiropractic and Wellness will be heard speaking on health related topics via podcast recordings that can be listened to nationwide. Razorcast™ features an interview format of host and industry professionals who are standout leaders in their field.

    Listen to the start of a series of interviews with Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd on Razorcast™ here: http://www.planochiropractornow.com/blog/

    Dr. Shepherd is the founder and serves as Chiropractor and Nutritionist of Mountain Health Chiropractic and Wellness in Plano, Texas. Originally, Dr. Shepherd is from New Zealand. He has lived in over 14 countries around the world and is the author of two books, “Health Put In Your Reach” and “Forever Young.” Dr. Shepherd has been published in “Chiropractic Economics” and has appeared on the Veria Health and Wellness Network. Currently, he has two shows running on the Genesis of Healing Network run by the Discovery Channel.

    Mountain Health Chiropractic and Wellness has been recognized as “America’s Top Chiropractors in Plano, TX” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America.

    The interviews produced by New York City’s Razorcast™ studios feature leading professionals from across the country and revolve around trending topics in their field. These unique and informative interviews are distributed via podcasts and transcriptions across major channels and networks. You can learn more about Razorcast™ by visiting: www.razorcast.com.

    You can learn more about Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd by visiting: www.planochiropractornow.com